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Billing history for
...done right.

Keep your customers in the loop.
Billing history for your Stripe app in minutes.

Billing history is important. Do it right.

Give your customers access to all their receipts & billing history.

Simple Setup

It's amazingly easy to get started. Just connect your Stripe account, drop in a few lines of code and you're off to the races!

European & VAT Support

Allow your European customers to easily add their VAT # & address to all of their receipts, so they can stay compliant.

Notifications & PDF Receipts

Give your customers flexibility in how they receive recurring receipts and in exact the format they want.

Lots of weird things that can happen with billing history. We’ve got you covered.

AccountDock will display a charge breakdown of every bill and allow users to preview them before generating a receipt.
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Plan Switches &
Whenever a plan switch happens, we display information about it and explain to the customer why they're seeing a strange amount with an unexpected date.
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Refunds &
Partial Refunds
If a refund occurs, we create a new item for it in your customers billing history so it'll match up with their credit card statement. Refund receipts are of course available for these items as well.
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We currently support all the main currencies that Stripe supports.
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Disputes suck, but they can happen sometimes. We've accounted for disputes and display them with a yellow flag in you customers billing history. This keeps them in loop and indicates the current status of the disputed payment.
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We display failed payments and indicate additional details about why the payment failed, how many times the charge has been attempted and when the next attempt will be.
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Upcoming Payment
Whenever your customer has an upcoming payment, we'll display it to them if you choose to keep this option on. This will help customers know exactly when to expect their next charge.
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If your customer used a coupon when paying for their plan or product, we'll always display that so they can be sure they got a discount. This is also broken down in detail on the receipt itself.
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Account Credit
If you've given your customer credit on their account, we display this both persistently at the bottom of the app and as well as a item in the table if credit was given directly on a plan.
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“A no-brainer that saved us tons of development time.”

Josh Pigford, Baremetrics

“Installing AccountDock took 30 seconds, made our billing completely transparent, and let us get back to building our actual product.”

Greg Koberger,

“Before AccountDock, we were manually sending customer receipts every month and had tons of recurring calendar reminders throughout the month since everyone had different bill dates. Now our customers can opt in to receive email receipts if they'd like, and it doesn't take
any time out of our day.”

Trainual's CEO and founder, Chris Ronzio

Everything you need for billing history

Ideal for SaaS businesses, subscription models and one-off purchases.

Beautiful responsive receipts available on the web, email and PDF.

Let your customers instantly generate a PDF from their receipts, send an email, or view receipts on the web. Best part is, they can manage all of their receipts using bulk actions.

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Bulk receipt downloading & sending have never been easier. We'll even zip everything up for you.

Using our bulk receipt options you can select all (or just the receipts you want) and instantly download or email them. This is super handy if one of your customers wants to grab all their receipts in one shot for their billing department.

Looks beautiful on every device.

AccountDock is fully responsive and is designed to look great with your app. We're also supporting full retina support

In ten minutes we went from ugly home-brew to professional invoices which look great everywhere

George Lawrence, MerchantWords

Super Simple Pricing

One simple price. 14 day free trial, no credit card required.

$45 /mo

  • Up to 5,000 paying customers
  • 2,500 notification emails
  • Bulk receipt downloads
  • PDF receipt rendering
  • Premium email support (Response within 48 hours)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at any time?

Yup! No long term commitments here. Just email us at to cancel your account.

What is your refund policy?

We're pretty reasonable people. If you have an issue with the service for whatever reason, get in touch with us.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Can I use AccountDock for several different Stripe apps?

The plan just covers one Stripe account per customer. We allow switching between Stripe apps, but each one will require a paid plan. 14 day trial starts when you connect a Stripe account.